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Candles - Wireless Components

Our unique battery operated candles are ideal for situations where it is impossible to electrically wire wall lights or chandeliers. The cylindrical candles are elegant and look like real wax candles. The battery run candles have a burn time of at least 240 hours.

  • Battery Candles Unlit

    Battery Candles Unlit

    Completely wireless battery powered candles with upto 485 hours burn time.

    The elegant cylindrical candles are suitable for use on chandeliers, wall lights and other light fittings where wiring for electric is not possible or wouldperhaps damage an antique or valuable piece.

    Each soft beeswax colour candle is 180mm in height and 24mm in diameter and each is fitted with either a clear or frosted flame bulb.

  • Battery Candles Lit

    Battery Candles Lit

    Multiple candles can be programmed to turn on at the same time with just the press of one button on the remote.

    Upto 9 different settings can be programmed into one remote.

  • Battery Candle Bung Connection

    Battery Candle Bung Connection

    The candles are held onto your fitting using a small pegged rubber bung.

  • Wireless Candles with Battery Pack

    Wireless Candles with Battery Pack

    Achieving a full charge can take upto 8 hours. The LED display panel will inform you of battery capacity for each individual candle as well as volt, current and internal resistance.


    The 4 gang battery pack allows 4 batteries to be charged simultaneously 

  • Battery Candles Remote

    Battery Candles Remote

    The remote control allows you to command various settings from the candle with just the touch of a button. These include dimming of the bulbs to 50% or 25%, selecting the flicker setting or programming a timer for a limited time 'burn'.

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