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Restored large gilded 19th century chandelier

By Sam Wilkinson | 15th December 2015

Restored large gilded 19th century chandelier

Early in 2015 we purchased a large 16 light brass chandelier from one of our independent polishers who had no need or desire for the chandelier. He believed that the piece had once hung at Cranbrook School in Kent but had since been removed and was looking a little tired (see image on right – before restoration). David Wilkinson decided to restore the chandelier by having it re-gilded as traditionally the finest chandeliers would have been gilded and there was evidence that this one previously gilded. The central stem was converted from a solid rod to a hollow tube for which the new electrical connections could be passed through, after being wired and earthed to modern standards in was finished with our LED bulbs.

This chandelier combines elements from a number of documented examples and designs executed by André-Charles Boulle, 1642-1732. Related chandeliers may be seen in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the J. Paul Getty Museum.  The distinctive female caryatid mounts and the Bacchic masks are typical elements of Boulle’s composition, while the panelled, square –section, scrolling arms, decorated with husk-trails, display the influence of renowned engraver Daniel Marot. In addition the central baluster stem is also flanked by female caryatids, representative of Diana the huntress, above rams heads. There are two tiers of acanthus wrapped panelled arms, with circular guilloche-cast pans and urn-shaped nozzles. The lower tier is headed by Bacchic masks above scrolled strap work.

At 120cm in height and 85cm in width it certainly catches the attention of the eye in most rooms  and it can currently be seen hanging in the John Bly showroom at the Furniture and Arts Building (formerly known as The Furniture Cave) on the King’s Road, London, SW10 0TZ. The item is available to purchase and installation or shipping can of course be arranged for you.

If you have any questions at all about stock item CS1906 please do not hesitate to contact us

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