Chandelier Cleaning


We offer chandelier cleaning primarily in London and the South-East but have cleaned and installed chandeliers throughout the UK and Europe and as far afield as the Middle East.
We charge an hourly rate based on the size and style so please contact us attaching images of your chandelier(s) and your location for an individual quotation.

We take chandeliers apart and clean them by hand, we do not spray them with solvents that can cause untold damage and leave a film to attract dust.
Chandelier cleaning can be carried out on site and we supply all materials needed for a discreet service.
If a more thorough clean is required or if repair and restoration is needed we can remove it from the premises for work to be undertaken at our workshops.

Chandelier cleaning

Staff from our chandelier cleaning department are widely recognised for their skills and attention to detail and are PASMA trained in scaffolding and the use of ladders.
They have knowledge of a vast range of chandeliers from Victorian antiques to modern Swarovski pieces and are able to clean pieces of nearly all sizes and shapes.
Cleaning is not restricted to chandeliers, we can work on wall lights, metal framed lighting and modern fittings. In addition we can supply you with the appropriate bulbs or missing components upon request.

If required we also have a team of female staff who are able to clean chandeliers. The Wilkinson daughters have grown up in the business and have been out cleaning on regularly at private and public locations.

Recommended Annual Cleaning - To ensure that your fixtures maintain their sparkle we suggest that they are cleaned annually, unless they are situated in a highly polluted areas in which we would recommend more regular cleaning eg. Kitchens – where grease and humidity encourage the build up of dirt. Upon the completion of any property renovation we would also recommend chandelier cleaning to remove any dust that has gathered and ensure that they have not obtained any damage.