Glass Repairs

Glass Repairs
Wilkinson’s have been repairing and restoring glassware for over 50 years.
Anything from removing a chip in a wine glass to the most complex restoration of a complete chandelier.
Some of the repairs we can carry out are:-

  • Removing chips from all kinds of glassware
  • Removing stains from glass
  • Removing stoppers stuck in decanter necks and fitting new pegs
  • Fitting new legs or feet to wine glasses
  • Removing bruises from glass paperweights and sculptures
  • Please Note:
    Repairs can take up to 6 weeks – we endevour to have your pieces completed as soon as possible.
    Items with chips in the rim may require grinding down, so the height may be reduced slightly.
    Items with cracks rather than a clear break can either be pin drilled to stop the crack running or a break can be enforced and then repaired.
    Once items have been bonded care will need to be taken when using liquids as they can erode the glue.
    Missing pieces may not always be replaceable and may require smoothing over or recreating altogether
    We cannot guarantee that items will not be further damaged or that we will be able to repair every item.

    We recommend that you contact us for an individual assessment.