In early October photographer Kasia Fiszer ( came to spend a day at our workshops to observe the traditional processes we use to manufacture chandeliers in our Kent based factory and discuss with David Wilkinson the history behind the family business for an article with would feature in the December issue of  Home & Antiques magazine.

In an interview with David, he tells of how we have been fortunate enough to have worked in some of the most prominent locations in the UK including Warwick Castle, The Lanesborough Hotel, Spencer House and Stowe, not to mention 10 rare examples that the company restored in Bath Assembly Rooms.

The full article can be found in the December issue both print and digital version (A digital version can purchased here)

To go with the article, Home & Antiques magazine have a digital mini series called ‘The Restorers’ which show the works of various craftspeople working in unique sectors. Watch the video below where you can see our glass, metal and chandelier departments at work as David gives an insight into how the company was founded and how it is run now.

In the November edition of the magazine you may have already seen the ‘Cut Out & Keep’ guide for buying and caring for antique chandeliers, written with David’s guidance, giving you the inside track on collecting, buying and restoring antique and vintage finds. Of course if you ever have any questions about your own antique chandeliers, be sure to contact us.


Guide to buying & caring for antique chandeliers